These Texts Prove Parents Are Usually Funnier Than Their Kids

Being a parent is a serious job. You have to ensure that your children turn mature well and fit into society or risk them going to prison. That means you've got to be a bit of a disciplinarian and that's never much fun.

These parents, however, were taking a break from that side of parenting and were keen to unleash their inner stand-up comic. Of course, being parents they knew that they'd need to do this at a safe distance from their kids, so they did it by text message.

Check these out, they're absolutely hilarious moments of when parents let fly.

1. The Nickname You'd Rather Not Know

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Parents are often not quite as tactful about their offspring as their children might wish them to be. Most of them try not to get caught.

2. Did You Not Get The Message?

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We think mom is being very clear about this. There's no miscommunication about this at all, just a very wishful child not getting the message.

3. Sometimes Moms Will Be Moms

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This is what happens when you can't differentiate between a Hershey's Kiss and a pile of poop. Either that, or mom is being really subtle.

4. That First Zinger Of The Day

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Really, is there any need to rub someone's lack of love life in their face before breakfast? This mom clearly thinks that there is. Zing.


5. The Celebrated Case Of Mistaken Identity

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Poor mom. Her tolerance and readiness to embrace the modern age have left her in a hole. We wonder how she'll manage to dig herself out?

6. Epic Fail From Mom

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Some moms are full of wisecracks and put downs when they use their messaging functions, but this mom is just full of confusion and it's hilarious.

7. Cowardly Kid Gets Mom Pranked

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We think that this mom has a certain sense of sarcastic brilliance, but we also think we'd be a little scared if she was our mom.

8. When Dad Completely Loses His Mind

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"You left your phone at home."

Possibly, the most pointless text message in history after "On the Titanic, just asked for some ice with my drink."

9. Well, It's Not THAT Terrible Joke

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This is a dad riffing off of the old classic:

"My dog's got no nose."

"How does he smell?"


Tommy Cooper would be proud of him. His kids probably aren't.

10. OMG He's The Master Of The Wind Up

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This dad knows exactly how to get under the skin of his child. He's probably joking but if he's not, someone's going to get wet.


11. The Sarcastic Dating App Known As Mom

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We're sure this daughter appreciates her mom's concern for her. We're not so sure that she's hoping for her mom to snag her a boyfriend at the park, though.

12. Dad Comes Out Of The Closet And Gets Right Back In

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This says an awful lot about the relationship between this mom, dad and their kid. The problem is, what it says isn't good at all.

13. When Dad Does What Dads Do

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If you dad is one of life's natural jokers, then as you grow up, he's going to make some fairly tasteless cracks. But you probably didn't expect the "your mom" cracks.

14. Really, Do You Want Some Lightly Fried Fish Fillets?

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We have no idea why this dad is cooking at 1:15 in the morning and why he's so pleased with the phrase "lightly fried fish fillets," but he is.

15. Dad Spells Out It Out Plainly

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This dad's quick comeback not only puts his son in his place but also protects his wallet. Of course, when he meets his grandchildren, he might not be as happy. 

Parents can be masters of the sharp retort, so take care of yours and avoid being on the receiving end. 

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