These Three Brothers Decided To Make Their Winter Fun, Even In Freezing Temperatures. You Won't Believe What They Did.

Inevitably, many of us have to deal with snow each winter, but it doesn’t have to put a damper on everything. These three Minnesota brothers show us that snow can actually be fun. Instead of just shoveling the snow like most teenage boys have to do, Trevor, Connor, and Austin Bartz came up with a brilliant idea that left everyone in their New Brighton neighborhood in amazement. It took about 95 hours over three and a half weeks, but the results were well worth it. See the unbelievable snow shark they built, measuring about 20 feet tall, right in their yard!

It looks even more incredible than it might sound.

Trevor, Connor, and Austin stand in front of the snow shark they created.

They needed more snow, so they used some from their neighbors’ yards.

It took them over three weeks to create their snow shark.

They put up lighting for people to see the shark during the night.


They made sure their snow shark was detailed, adding features like a double row of teeth.

The previous winter, the three brothers created a snow walrus. It took about 100 hours to finish.

It looks like they spent those 100 hours wisely.

The winter before that, they created a blowfish. The body of “Puffy” only took about two hours for the brothers to complete, as they had to simply roll the snow in a massive ball.


That attempt was barely anything when compared with their 2014 snow shark.

If you were amazed by the photographs, just wait until you see this timelapse video of the snow shark’s progression.


And to think building a snowman was about as cool as winter could get...

Have you ever found a unique activity to keep yourself busy in the winter? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

Credit: Reddit

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