These Tiny Doors Are Hidden All Around A Michigan Town.

Dec 7, 2014

Ann Arbor seems like a normal, bustling Michigan city. It attracts a lot of college kids, so there's a constant buzz of energy to it. However, if you take your time and pay attention as you stroll through the city, you'll notice a tiny secret about Ann Arbor.

See it? Follow the dog’s gaze outside of this gift shop, and you'll see it: a tiny fairy door.

The creator of these doors, Jonathan B. Wright, is the author of the children's book, "Who's Behind The Fairy Doors?" 

His first door found in public was outside Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea in 2005. These whimsical little portals began at his home, for his daughters, in 1993. 

The Peaceable Kingdom door appeared 10 days later.


Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea got a second door, indoors this time.

Even Mott Children’s Hospital gets a fairy door.

The Google office in Ann Arbor has a little competition. 

There's a tiny door outside the Selo/Shevel Gallery.


And Red Shoes. Sometimes, kids will leave pennies and toys for the fairies.

There's a very quiet, little one in the Ann Arbor District Library.

Credit: Urban Fairies

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