These Unique Sculptures Are Made Entirely Out Of Cake. I Think This Is Most Amazing Thing I've Seen.

This year’s Threadcakes online cake competition just ended in early November, and the entries for this edition were nothing short of awe-inspiring.

The contest is in its eighth year, inviting cake-makers of all skill levels to submit entries. Cakes must be based on art in the Threadless community. Cakes can be either 2D or 3D, and those creating 3D varieties are encouraged to use as many edible items as possible.

The focus on this contest gained steam after a story about Kylie Mangles, a woman who created an amazing but somewhat disturbing cake that featured Ralph from “The Simpsons.” Check out some of the incredible cakes featured in the contest.

Corina Maguire

April Koteh

Yenna Susanty

Jacinta Perkins

Kylie Mangles


Jennifer Kennedy

Elizabeth Marek

Ana Mourinho Remigio

Nanthini Retnam

Previous Entries

Elizabeth Marek

Erin Wieglenda Cronbaugh


Rebecca Mcdowell

Ann Bailey

Molly Sullivan

Samantha Friday

Ashlee Perkins

Mary Tomczak

Jessica Allard

Neli Josefsen

Shakar Bakery Cakes

Erin Schwartz

Lucy Atkinson

Check out the Threadcakes and Threadless home pages for additional info.

Credit: Bored Panda

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