These Warm, Funny Love Notes Will Make Your Heart Smile

Being in love isn't always easy, and it's important for couples not to take their relationships for granted. Couples that communicate effectively with each other are often happier than couples that do not. 

However, in the business of modern life, it's not always possible to be there and tell somebody that we love them all the time. There's work, school, social life, shopping, etc. all lining up to get in the way.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. You can always leave the one you love a note. Just like these 15 people did. Not only do they convey love, but they're also very funny.

Couples who can laugh together do better. Check these notes out, they're awesome.

1. Taking It To The Next Level

They say that "all's fair in love and war," but nobody said that the two would take place at the same time, did they? Nerf war sounds awesome to us, though.

2. Mistaken Identity

We fully encourage people to leave their spouses love notes, but it's probably best to ensure that it's the spouse that gets that note. 

3. It's An Oldie

This love note is a little older than some of the others, yes, but the Nokia is a token of affection. Just imagine it was the latest iPhone, because in its day, it kind of was.

4. Some Serious Honesty

Chicken is important as anyone knows. We're not sure that even fried chicken is this important, but it's good to see some honesty with the love. 

5. Super Creative

We like these so much that we wish our partners left them for us. This isn't so much love notes as it is "love art." Aren't they just super?


6. A Collection

This wife really likes to let her husband know how much she cares. She writes to him near-daily to let him know. We think that's adorable.

7. Small Things

They do say that it's the smallest things that set us apart, and it's obvious that Joel has his heart set on this cornflake impressing his significant other.

8. Will You?

We quite like this sneaky proposal presented as a shopping list to one lucky lady by her thoughtful fellow. We imagine that she kept this note.

9. It's Ancient History

This is really sweet. "Thank you for cheering me up when I was being a downerosaurus." It's the hand-drawn dinosaurs that really make this awesome. 

10. Explaining How Father Christmas Works

This is a nice way to remind a partner that they should keep the thermostat dialed down to save a little money. It's funny rather than penny-pinching. 

11. She's A Keeper

When your girlfriend makes notes like this one when she goes shopping, you have found yourself the perfect woman. Mmm... donuts. As Homer says, "Donuts, is there anything they can't do?"

12. A Fruitful Match

Sometimes a note doesn't need to be written on paper to be effective. We really admire this creative use of fruit and the fact that you can eat the message when you get hungry.

13. No Stronger Love

Leaving someone the last bit of bacon? That is true love. Imagine the temptation of knowing it was there, waiting for you. The willpower is amazing.


14. When Is A Door Not A Door?

Not when it's ajar, but when it's being used for blackboard love notes. We like the idea, but we couldn't live without coffee.

15. Equals

We can see how this could be a huge compliment in a pet lover's life. We can also see how this could be perceived as an insult. We hope it was the former. 

16. Pie-ling It On

You can't argue with someone who makes pie and then acknowledges your inner drive to eat that pie. It is, after all, what pie is for. 

17. Egg-stra Special

Apparently, this lucky husband eats an awful lot of eggs and his wife knew eggs-actly where to leave him a nice note in the kitchen.

18. Food Of Love

Sometimes when you're hurting for cash it can be really nice when someone buys you lunch. This lucky soul had one made for them. 

19. Flabbergasted

This is a lovely note from Jim. We'd just like to point out that being fat doesn't make people unlovable. We think everyone is special. 

20. Tiny Message

This is quite sweet. It's an acknowledgment that love is important but so are bagels. We like bagels too. This would work for us. 

Weren't these notes absolutely lovely? There are some really lucky people out there in this world and we're really happy for them.

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