These Weird And Hilarious Photos That Will Leave You Shaking Your Head

Hey, whether you're having a bad day or a great day, things can only get better from here. You see, there's a good reason to have a laugh. It gets your heart rate up and makes you more relaxed. That, in turn, makes you easier to be around and means that you'll be more effective. (You can use that excuse with your boss when you read this at work, too.)

We've found some pictures that are so funny that they're crying out for you to check them out over a cup of coffee. Come on and take a look!

1. The Teletubby Matador


Yes, this is a person leading a bull on a piece of rope whilst dressed as one of Britain's favorite children's TV characters, a Teletubby.

2. The Thirstiest Fireman Ever


We have to hope that he's drinking these and not using them to put out a fire. If he is hoping to extinguish a blaze, why is he queuing?

3. The Fashion Statement Which Cannot Be Unseen


This probably made sense the night before when he was in the bar with his friends. In the cold light of day, we just have to ask, "why?"

4. This Year's New Head Wear Fashion


If you just can't work out what to wear to your next outdoor event, just look under the sink and stick the plunger on your head. You'll look awesome.

5. When You Just Need A Snack


Did somebody call for a hot dog? The only thing missing here for the hungriest person on earth is the ketchup. Maybe that's on another boat?


6. When Squirrels Go Nuts

Pleated Jeans

We don't even know where to begin with this. Is this a fashion statement? Is it an actual squirrel? We don't know but we honestly wish we did.

7. The Absolute Contortionist


Take a closer look. This dude is resting his elbow on the sole of his foot! How can that be comfortable? He does, however, look pretty chill about it.

8. He's Facing Away From You


We were 50–50 on this in the office. Is this a really perfect snap of her haircut or someone walking in the opposite direction?

9. You'll Be A Huge Fan Of This


Yes, the fan is the rotor blade for an upside down helicopter. Not only do we love this, but we wish we could do this at home. 

10. Wise Beyond His Years


"Trust no-one," the baseball team of the Illuminati. This is some seriously bizarre thinking from a youngster, but we like it very much indeed.

11. He Was A Dancing Cat


Really, this cat is a huge fan of accordion music. He has the whole of this guy's back catalog and he thinks it's just purrfect. 


12. We Know What You're Doing


If you decided to sneak out of work for a quick snack in the toilet, at least put the donuts out of the line of sight of your co-workers.

13. The Ball Was Definitely Out


You have to love this bold and challenging tennis ball haircut. Does it mean that the wearer is always ready to bounce back from disappointment?

14. Let The Responsible Adult Drive

Pleated Jeans

When you decide that it's appropriate for your dog to be on the front of your motorcycle, it's appropriate for you to stop driving and buy a car instead.

15. This Is So Easy, I Could Do It Upside Down


This is the strangest way to fill up a tank that we've ever seen—but if it gets the guy through the day, why not?

It's good to laugh. It reduces stress and that means that you'll live longer and more happily too. 

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