These Wild Animals Wanted To Get In On Selfies

Let's be clear about this - it's not a good idea to take a selfie with a wild animal. Animals in the wild may be dangerous to you and you may upset or distress an animal by approaching it to take a selfie.

The good news is that none of these photographers upset a wild animal. They all captured their selfies in sensible settings and the only wild animals involved are those that crashed the photos of their own accord.

You'll love these photos because they're both cute and funny and especially because no animals were harmed in their making. 

1. Ecstatic Elephant


This elephant looks just so incredibly pleased to be in this photo. It's like he's sneaking past just to get a photobomb in.

2. Loopy Llama


We don't think we'd want to mess with this llama. He doesn't look like he has all his marbles and he looks ready to take it out on someone. 

3. Sealfie


This is the seal of love, right? We think this girl's expression as her seal friend gives her a kiss is priceless. Don't you?

4. Not Gull-ty


This seagull has cunningly inserted himself into this photo. His cocky demeanor suggests he knows all about his photobomb and he's not sorry in the slightest.


5. Ray Of Sunshine


This stingray has a grin that could melt the hardest of hearts, doesn't it? We wonder how long she stood there to grab this shot?

6. UFO

Funny Info

This may be the best photobomb of them all! This isn't a conscious crash moment from a curious animal. It's a levitating alien cat from another planet!

7. Catastrophe

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It's not just unusual animals that can't resist getting in on the selfie action. This cat proves that the domesticated furry friend can photobomb with the best of them.

8. Brass Neck


That giraffe's got a lot of cheek. It's the fact that he's poking his tongue out that makes this shot just perfect. We want to adopt him now.

9. Roo Bomb


This kangaroo isn't so much joining this lady for a selfie as he is taking over the selfie. We wouldn't argue with that face either, to be honest.

10. Goat To Hand It To Him


We like the goat's smile here. It's almost human and completely makes this photo. His human friend seems happy enough with him too.


11. What A Deer


This guy appears to be getting a little more than he bargained for from the deer that he's taking a selfie with. It's a very sweet looking kiss. 

12. What'roo Looking At?


When a kangaroo comes to your front door and asks to play, what do you do? Take a selfie, of course. That's the only appropriate action in nearly every situation in life today.

13. Getting The Bird


This penguin is determined to get involved in this family selfie. He looks quite bemused by the smartphone in front of him. He's very cute, though.

14. Moo-ving Closer


This calf's sneaking into the frame. Maybe he's not used to the company or maybe he's British and doesn't like having his photo taken?

15. Elk!


This elk looks incredible as he stares down the camera next to his human friend. He should be on TV with that charming expressionate face. 

Weren't those just amazing? We'd love an animal to crash one of our selfies like that, wouldn't you?

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