These Young People Found The Best Way To Face Life After Graduation. It's Completely Awesome

When a group of eight young people graduated from Notre Dame college, they wanted one last adventure before taking the plunge into "the real world." They wanted to see the actual world before internships, new apartments and new careers got started. Rather than backpack through Europe or hitchhike, they got very creative.

As they describe themselves: "From left to right: Amy [marketer/blogger extraordinaire], John [plumber/photographer], Dan [detail carpenter/house maid], Sam [interior designer/videographer], Micheal [roof deck builder/sleepyhead], Nicky K [bus dad/painter], Rory [electrician/group optimist], and me (Nick M) [salty dictator]."

They got their hands on a working bus.

To be honest, it was pretty run down.

But with eight brains working on it, they were able to create a solid design for the bus's future.

They stripped the bus and added insulation for noise and climate.

Some lumber makes up the framing and divides and kitchen and social spaces.


The eight of them worked together to build it by hand.

The benches were the first to finish.

And the electrical work went in beneath the bus's interior panels.

The bunk beds were narrow, but big enough to sleep all eight of them.

Sleeping lofts filled the back of the bus, leaving enough space for natural light to come in from the rear door.

They created a few fun design elements, like this map of Yellowstone mod-podged onto the cabinets.

A little white primer cleaned the bus's act up from the outside.


And a nice sky blue coat of paint adds class and a "sky's the limit" look to the adventure bus.

The sleeping lofts functioned as storage bins as well.

And every bit of space was used effectively for comfortable, minimal living.

Even the couches pull double duty as storage spots.

And a cool modular design lets them convert to practically any shape they need.

Curtains provide a sense of privacy for the sleeping area.

They traveled across the country in this bus and now are selling it. Think you could be in the next group of bus adventurers? Check out the Instagram of their travels here.

Via: Imgur

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