They Asked Brits To Label A Map Of The United States. Their Answers Had Me On The Floor Laughing.

This Thanksgiving, BuzzFeed asked their London office to (try to) label all fifty states. Results were varied at best. Check out some of the most questionable entries below.  

1. This guy made his first mistake when he put his name at the top. 

Paul works as a Foreign News Editor.

2. This person did a great job on the East Coast, then gave up and decided everywhere was Indiana. 

3. One person decided they weren’t interested in a geography quiz and turned New England into a dog instead. 


4. This person is actually an American. 

She’s from the Midwest.

5. This person took a basic approach. 

6. Another tried to cover their mistakes with “Lake America.” 

7. This person decided that when they didn’t know an answer, a tornado would do. 

8. Here, a great barrier of “nothing” separates the East from the West. 


9. No one can argue with this logic. 

10. But you can definitely question this “fly-over” zone. 

11. Lastly, a challenge was issued to Americans. 

It’s our move. 

Credit: BuzzFeed

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