They Call Him The Angriest Looking Cat In The World. After Seeing His Photos, You'll Know Why

Move over, Grumpy Cat, there is a new cat in town. And you might want to see this...

His name is Pompous Albert.

He was named after genius Albert Einstein, but kitty Albert seems to be taking a slightly more "evil genius" approach.

His breed is Selkirk Rex, which even sounds a little villainous.  


They are most known for their unique fur, although world domination might soon be next.

Here are the simple humans Albert has under his will to do his bidding.

A small warning that cats are not to be toyed with.

Evil henchman? Check. 


Evil technology? Check.

Just ask these mice what he's capable of.

But he's just the cutest evil overlord we've ever seen.

Credit: SlipTalk

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