They Designed This Home To Make It As Welcoming As Possible. What They Came Up With Is Amazing.

Renovations are a popular option when extending the life of an existing home or building. Whether it's a new kitchen or just a paint job, renovation can change your outlook on a space. Many times, attempts are made to preserve the existing aesthetics, such as when the White House was completely reconstructed in 1950. Other times, the changes are so extensive that it's difficult to recognize the original structure.

Hello House, a project by OOF! architecture, takes a friendlier approach, aiming at a happy medium. Beginning with an old, Victorian-era storefront, the architects renovated inside before tackling an addition out back.

The most noticeable feature is a warm greeting from the new brickwork to the neighborhood.

The deep lot accommodated not only the new structure, but also a patio space, with a clever, roll-up gate.

The statement it makes is bold and stands out among the old buildings in the area.


Besides the friendly nature of it, the subdued color keeps it from offending.

The firm maintained the existing building's façade, so the home stays connected with its Victorian past.

The new addition can go from walled-up fortress to airy, open space in a snap.

The open, modern floorplan is still warm and inviting, thanks to plenty of wood and meticulous lighting.

Curtains, furniture and shelving help divide the home into "rooms" without feeling cramped.


Mirrored surfaces in the kitchen help open up the modern, practical space.

Plywood is often seen as an inexpensive material, but with the right wood grain and skilled craftsmanship, it can make for beautiful cabinetry.

In several places throughout the house, original brickwork from the building's previous life is visible. 

A skylight over the shower means plenty of natural light in the sleek, modern bathroom.

In the end, sometimes sticking out is the right choice. Especially if you can make people smile.

Credit: If It’s Hip, It’s Here | Nic Granleese 

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