They Found Him Freezing Outside In The Cold, But Somehow The Last Photo Just Made My Whole Year.

Upon finding a baby squirrel freezing in the icy winter, this Reddit user knew he had to do something. So, the man picked the squirrel up and made it his mission to aid in the baby's recovery. This is one of the cutest recoveries we've seen in a while.

When the man found the squirrel, he was so cold that he didn't even move.

He picked the baby up and put him in the covered cup holder to warm up on the drive home.

The baby squirrel was finally safe from the cold, with a nice, warm place to live.

He especially loved his perfectly-sized nest.

The man also made sure the tiny squirrel was well fed.

The squirrel didn't even have his eyes open when the man found him.


The baby squirrel received a happy introduction to the dogs of the house.

The curious dogs were very interested in their new companion.

They were happy to share their home with the little squirrel.

The dogs even made him feel comforted and loved in his new environment.

They got along perfectly.

The squirrel enjoyed climbing up on one of the dogs, and the pooch didn't seem to mind it either.

Warmth and safety were finally available to the baby squirrel.


His favorite warm spot is on top of the dog's head.

The dogs are still ever so curious about the little squirrel.

They definitely enjoy his company.

They make sure he's happy, no matter where he is.

It's amazing how one simple act of kindness can change an animal's life. Thankfully, this man was at the right place at the right time. Now, this baby squirrel gets to enjoy a life of happiness.

Credit: Nick Radford | ViralNova

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