They Look Like Ordinary Sculptures. If You Look Closer, You'll Realize Just How Impressive These Are

Bryan Edmiston believes that crayons are the ultimate medium. They aren’t just for kids and coloring books. Crayons provide an artist with a lot of creative freedoms. As a 911 operator, Bryan has quite an intense work day, so he likes to unwind when he goes home. “I take 911 calls for a living. On many days that means I hear some of the worst things one human can do to another. The crayons I carve serve as a counterpoint to that. That’s why so many of them are pop culture characters or references. I try to carve things that are innocent and joyful, things that people have fond memories of.” What better way to relax than making epic art out of crayons?

All of Bryan’s creations are entirely made from crayons. His recreation of a classic Beatles photo is seriously epic. 

The level of detail is remarkable. For additional colors, Bryan uses wax from other crayons. There is absolutely no paint involved.

There’s something poetic about creating art from tools, rather than using the tools to create art.


Each crayon’s color matches up perfectly with his models. Patrick’s bright pink glow is translated beautifully into this piece. 

The purpose of art is to take something people ordinarily expect, and turn it on its head.

That’s exactly what he is accomplishing here. Bryan creates a whole new perspective to an otherwise insignificant professional art medium.

He believes that his work serves as a means of meditation when there is so much chaos happening in the world. 


Childhood memories bring us back to days when the world seemed so small and safe. The goal of this project is to resurface those good feelings when adulthood is putting us down.

And dental scrapers, an alcohol lamp and a box of crayons is all he needs to put a smile on our faces. 

Via: Bryan Edmiston

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