They Started Out With This Ordinary Garage. Within A Few Weeks, It Turned Into Something Awesome.

Usually when people undertake a renovation process, it's for a kitchen or bathroom. Maybe they're adding to the house or converting an unused bedroom into a study. Usually the humble garage is not the scene of such a transformation. But once you see these photos, you might start eyeballing your own...

Here's the pre-renovation garage.

Nothing to see here, folks.

Nothing at all.

Little did this garage know of the ambitious plans that awaited it.

And so he great renovation begins.

It's looking a little more open with more natural light, but still very garage-y.

A foam wall will be better at keeping drafts and moisture out than the old garage door.

New siding gets in the game.


Looking good, new windows, looking good.

With the door installed, it looks way more like a cabin.

Next, to divide up the big open space into smaller, more liveable chunks.

It's looking downright house-like.

The water line has to be upgraded as well.

Which turns out to be a way bigger undertaking than you'd think.

Now with the drywall and insulation up, the trimming makes it look sturdy and finished.

And the wainscoting gives it that classic look.

The vintage tiles and white wainscoting really open the space up.


Everything but the kitchen sink. (Sorry.)

Looking gorgeously vintage.

It's the wifi that makes this house a home.

The bedroom is super homey and gets great natural light.

And the bathroom looks spacious and like it's always been there.

It's an adorable studio apartment with a full kitchen and everything.

With plenty of storage space.

You would never guess that this used to be a garage.

Oh, this is just too cool.

Credit: Reddit

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