They Took An Old Yellow School Bus. And Then Turned It Into Something You Don't See Everyday.

A while ago, these folks bought a 1995 International Flat Nose Genesis school bus for $3,000. The idea was to take the beat up old bus and turn it into a bus that could be used for their traveling band and ministry. It might sound like kind of a boring idea, but just wait until you see the final result!

Here’s the bus as they got her. They drove eight hours both ways to pick her up.

The first part of the process, and the longest one, was getting rid of the seats.

They also removed some plywood and a few windows, and put in insulation and walls in their place.

It couldn’t stay a bright yellow school bus forever, either, so a paint job was required.

The bus wasn’t in great shape, and it took a lot of work just to get the bus ready for painting.

The results were woth it.

Once that was done, it was time to start building the interior.

Here’s some early framework for some rooms.

More framework, for the kitchen, dinette, and cabinets.

They also added indoor/outdoor carpeting.


The ugly metal paneling was covered with wood for a more comfortable look.

They also put in stone tile countertops.

And what kitchen can do without brand new, stainless appliances?

Of course, that meant a lot of wiring and plumbing.

They gave the wood a nice stain finish, at which point the RV/bus really started to come together.

It really is gorgeous.

They have a nicer kitchen than I do in my apartment.


The finished interior is simply stunning.

The attention to detail is what makes it truly unique.

They even made sure the stairs leading in were done in style.

The dinette area is beautiful. I’d love a meal here.

There’s also a master bedroom in the back of the bus.

Here it is in all its glory.

This bus had a complete makeover, and now has a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and dining area, and sleeps up to eight people. The dining table converts into a bed for two, and there are also bunks that sleep four people along with the master bedroom, which sleeps two.

The bus has been renamed as the "Good News Bus". It’s hard not to be cheerful when you see this thing rolling your way. Just imagine how awesome a trip with this would be.

Credit: ViralNovaGood News Bus

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