They Wanted To Give Their '70s Bus A Totally Unique Makeover, And The Result Is To Die For

When Stina and Jon moved from Denmark to Stockholm, Sweden, they suddenly found themselves in possession of a 1976 tour-style Volvo bus. Rather than have it towed away, they transformed the bus into an incredible place to channel your spirit and follow your bliss in the Bromma forest.

The couple found themselves in possession of the bus when they moved to the outskirts of a small community.

They turned the bus into a double-decker with a real roof deck.

The living space is down in the bottom and leads to a main deck outdoor area, while the upper roof space houses a lemon tree, grill, and fresh herbs.

The bus is near Kyrksjön lake – perfect for swimming.


The wooded area around the bus is ideal for peaceful walks and enjoying Swedish nature.

The original seats now serve as a main living area. Of course, the driver's area was too cool to take out.

That pattern just screams '70s tour bus, doesn't it?

The bus's decor is modern, but still keeps some throwback touches, like white shag on the bedding.

If the back of the bus is your style, you'll find plenty of storage and a sprawling lounge area.


The wood panels are another nod to a bygone area. 

The bus has two single beds, but can accommodate two more cots if you want the full Partridge Family experience.

To start your '70s family jam band and relax in this beautiful bus in Sweden, check out Stina and Jon's Air BnB page.

Credit: Little ThingsAirbnb

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