They Wondered If The Hotel Was Changing The Sheets When Guests Check Out. Here's What They Found

Back when I was younger, I spent several years as the lead singer of a touring rock band trying to make it big. Sadly, our dreams of rock superstardom never really got off the ground, but I am grateful for the opportunity I had to travel around pretty much all of the continental United States. As a result, I've stayed in my fair share of motels, and one thing that I learned early on was to bring my own blankets.

You see, hotels don't always have the best records when it comes to cleaning their sheets (even though they're supposed to). Generally speaking, when you arrive at a hotel, appearances might make you think that everything is fresh and tidy, but there's more than meets the eye. When Inside Edition did a recent undercover investigation, testing the cleanliness of their sheets with a blacklight, they found some truly shocking results.

When they confronted a manager, she simply stated that the policy is for sheets to be changed. Thinking that perhaps it was a mistake or just a lapse in that particular hotel chain's protocol, they tried the test at a different hotel chain and found similar results. Upon questioning a maid, they found that she did clean the room, but were not able to get any explanation as to the unchanged sheets. 

Another experiment at a certified, AAA 1-Diamond rated hotel sprayed the pillow cases, and the flat and fitted sheets. Later on, they found only the pillow cases had been changed! The manager even requested that the cameras be shut off.

The investigation only showed three failed hotels in New York City, so we can only assume the other six passed the test. Still, it's enough to make you wonder about these particular chains (Candlewood Suites, La Quinta, and Residence Inn Marriott), as well as all hotels/motels in general.

Can you imagine what else might be lingering in those sheets besides the spray paint? Gross. Check out the full investigation below. 

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