They're Building Something Spectacular, But Nobody Will Know It When They're Done

Everyone dreams of secret passages and hidden doors in their home as a child. Many of us long for them well into adulthood. Some of us take action. Imgur user SuissaDesign is one of those action-oriented individuals. He didn't just make a hidden door, though. He made a bookcase door. From scratch. With a candlestick lever to unlock it. This is the whole nine yards, right here.

The finished product looks seamless in this home theater room.

Careful planning means fewer mishaps.


Even in its unfished state, it's a handsome shelf.

Helpful tip to would-be secret passage builders: piano hinges help distribute the weight.

Even wide open, the shelf looks right at home tucked into this hallway.


The hidden lever is a brilliant combination of inexpensive Ikea candlesticks and choice bits from a local hardware store.

A normal door latch was mounted in the wall, instead of the door itself. So clever.

It's more than a simple afternoon project, but the results are perfect.

Source: Imgur | Photography: SuissaDesign

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