Things That Will Make You Say "I Miss Being A Kid..."

Childhood's a funny thing. It's hard to explain the influences and excitement of that time in our lives without suddenly waxing lyrical for hours.

Fortunately, there is a shortcut to that process. You can find things that everyone had in common and share those ideas. It's the shared experiences that make it easy to communicate what we're feeling anyway.

These 15 awesome things will have been a part of your childhood and we imagine that once you show your friends, they'll have been a part of their childhoods too. They were definitely part of ours. 

1. Pizza Wasn't Pizza


Do you remember these "build it yourself" biscuit style pizzas? We sure do. They were probably not very good for us but they tasted great. 

2. When Videos Went Viral On TV


There was no Internet when we were kids, but that didn't stop the viral home video from making its way into our lives, did it?

3. Quick Flavor


The best thing about Fruit Stripe was that initial burst of real flavor before it completely disappeared and left you chewing completely tasteless gum. Remember?

4. Ice Cream And The Wooden Spoon

Karl and Kat

It wasn't really ice cream unless it came with the free wooden spoon/scoop thing. It didn't make the ice cream taste any worse for it. 


5. Games Had Consequences


There was a serious illicit thrill of fear when you played this game with your friends. Push the wrong tooth and you jumped for your life. 

6. Home Alone Was What We Wanted

20th Century Fox

We didn't, of course, want to be left behind by our parents, but we did want one of those Talkboys after we saw what Kevin could do with it. 

7. Pens Smelled Better


We understand why these disappeared to history. It's probably not a good idea to teach kids to sniff pens, but these did smell awesome while they lasted. 

8. Shopping Was Super


Well, it was super when your parents took you to the Warner Bros store, at least. The hardest part of the trip was leaving without taking everything in the store home with you.

9. Movies Were Tapes


Every home had a video cassette collection and while kids today won't have a clue what a video cassette is, back then it meant magic on the screen. 

10. Love Hate Relationships

Magic Eye Inc

You either loved the Magic Eye stuff or it drove you crazy. Because some people saw the hidden images and some never did, sadly for them.


11. Fast Food Was Different


When you went to McD's with your parents, you always had the choice of sitting on a cheeseburger while you wolfed down your Big Mac. 

12. The Spice Girls Rocked


Seriously, The Spice Girls were pop's superstars of our youth and they really rocked our world. Their feminist message didn't dilute the fun they brought one bit. 

13. The Discovery Zone


Every kid that we knew wanted to hold their party at Discovery Zone because it was simply the most awesome place that we could think of back then. 

14. Detective Frustration


We all wanted to know, but nobody ever found out. What exactly was Wilson from Home Improvement's face really like? It was one of life's mysteries. 

15. Fruit Was Stringy

General Mills

They'd never let you market this stuff to kids today, but back then, it was the height of cool. Our dentists probably wish that it hadn't been.

Which were your favorite childhood memories? We think ours are the scented marker pens, they really made us smile.

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