Things You've Been Doing Wrong All Your Life Without Knowing It

Life is full of surprises. Some of them are big events. Some of them are not so pleasant. Others, however, are the moments of wonder where we learn something new and useful.

That's what we got from these 15 items that we found out that we'd been using incorrectly all our lives; a pleasant surprise of recognition and more importantly, we learned something useful too.

Each of these items has an additional purpose over the obvious and that means we get more out of things than we ever did before without spending any more money and that makes us happy. We hope that it will make you happy, too. Check them out! 

1. Putting Key Rings On The Ring By Hand

Glac Newz

Key rings can be really vicious. We've all had a nail chewed or skin pinched by them, but you can use a staple remover to open the ring and never face this again. 

2. Using A Mirror As Just A Mirror

The Cozy Condo

You don't have to just use a mirror as a mirror. As you can see here, they also make a really handy marker board. Just make sure to use a dry erase marker if you want to get the text off easily afterward. 

3. Letting Pans Boil Over

Life Buzz

If you have a pan full of boiling liquid, it can boil over in the blink of an eye. That is unless you lay a spoon or utensil over the top like this. 

4. Failing To Make Full Use Of The Tab On Soda Cans

Life Buzz

That tab isn't designed like that just because it looks cool, it's also designed to be a straw holder. Reverse the tab over the hole and insert the straw. 


5. Putting Drinks In The Fridge Slowly


Why put individual cans of drink in the fridge one-by-one when you can just put the whole box in (with the back flap opened) and push them all out at once?

6. Eating Yogurt Wrong

Life Buzz

Yes, that little side portion on the yogurt tub is not for dipping the spoon in - it's for upending into the yogurt itself and then you can stir the honey in.

7. Slowly Chilling Drinks


Want to cool your drinks down quickly on a summer day? It's easy. Wrap them in a moist paper towel and place them in the freezer. In 15 minutes they'll be freezing cold. 

8. Letting Power Cables Come Undone

Life Buzz

Knotting a power cable like this prevents the two ends from becoming separated. It also comes in handy if you want to secure them around a desk leg. 

9. Not Using The Spoon Stand

Book Of Joe

That hole in the pan handle? It has a purpose that goes beyond hanging up the pan. It's also there to allow you to stand up a spoon for quick access while cooking. 

10. Letting Popsicles Drop All Over The Place

Bored Panda

Everybody loves popsicles. That is until they're covered in molten sticky sugar water. You can stop that by placing a muffin wrapper under the popsicle like this. 


11. Eating Pringles


Pringles are awesome, but they are a pain to get out of the can, aren't they? Except, they're not. The can is designed to let you do pull the paper out and with it comes all the chips. 

12. Cooling Down Wine

Food Hacks

Ice cubes in wine may make it cool, but they really dilute the drink and that's no good. Frozen grapes, on the other hand, do the same job and don't dilute your wine. 

13. Lighting Candles

Bored Panda

Trying to get a lighter in a small candle holder to catch the elusive bit of wick is a recipe for burned fingers. The alternative is to light a piece of spaghetti and use that to light the wick. Much better.

14. Holding Juice

The Mommy Hood

The two little fold-down tabs on the end of a juice packet are there for a purpose. You pull them up and they help ensure that the packet doesn't slip through your fingers as you drink. 

15. Replacing Printer Cartridges


You don't have to replace an electronic printer cartridge if it says so. You can use a paper clip to reset it and then just refill the cartridge instead. 

We'll admit that some of those things really surprised us. However, we're sure that they'll all come in handy soon. 

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