Think You Have The Scariest Pumpkins On The Block? This Man Has You Beat By A Mile.

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you haven’t already carved your pumpkins, you need to see this first. Sure, you could always go the traditional route with some triangle eyes and a toothy grin... but why not make something truly memorable instead? 

Now, you may be one of those people that takes carving pumpkins pretty seriously, and you might have even bought yourself some fancy carving tools for just that reason, but few of us mortals will ever be able to match the carvings of Jon Neill. Neill is a sculptor and a member of the Laguna College of Art and Design, and he carves the most mind-blowing pumpkins you’ve ever seen. Of course, it helps that he’s an award-winning artist who’s worked on films such as Jurassic Park.

Neill’s method is to carve into the thick rind of the pumpkin, rather than carve all the way through it, as one traditionally would. By carving and shaving off different sections of the rind, Neill is able to create monsters and ghouls that would be sure to traumatize the kids in your neighborhood.

Would you like some treats?

He doesn’t look happy about receiving visitors. I love how the tongue is made from the outer rind.

Neill carves by shaving off thin layers of the rind so that he can use as much of the flesh as possible.


Occasionally, he’ll add extra pieces.

Sometimes, he also adds paint for added effect, like this evil version of Mike Wazowski from “Monsters Inc”. 

Even small details, such as the glint in the eyes, is achieved by carving different levels of the pumpkin.

This is what Pac Man would look like if he was real and super evil.

Neill doesn’t just carve pumpkins exclusively. Check out how he uses the natural features of this squash to make a face.


He also carved this giant squash into an evil fish creature.

Neill at work.

Neill’s work is truly incredible, and has earned him a spot on Food Network’s October special “Halloween Wars”. The show will be airing every Sunday throughout October. Neill also holds carving demonstrations. Check out his website for more details. 

Credit: Neill Art Studios | ViralNova

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