Think Your Commute Is Too Long? This Guy's Daily 5-Hour Trek To Work Puts All Others To Shame

Meet Sam Cookney. If ever there was one man who could look at the bright side of a bad situation, it is Sam. While most of us these days are striving to live as close to work as humanly possible, doing so in London is currently impossible for most people. Sam was making it happen, but his London flat was costing him an arm and a leg, just for the privilege of a reasonably short commute. The cost of living was getting so ludicrous that he jokingly tweeted that he could probably live in Barcelona and commute for less than he was paying. Then he did the math and proved it. Two years ago, his joke made the global news as a poster child for the soaring costs of city living. Now, he’s back in the press because the joke has become reality. When Sam’s lease expired, he put his money where his mouth was and packed his bags for sunny Barcelona.

Even he probably wasn’t expecting to really do it at the time.

According to Sam, his total commute time is about five and a half hours.

That doesn’t include the occasional flight delay. Let’s hope he doesn’t have any morning appointments.


Sam only works four days per week, so he’s got plenty of downtime despite the long commute.

Why would anyone subject themselves to that much air travel? Well, Barcelona, for one thing.

Still, there are certain aspects of English life that Sam just can’t seem to do without.

Via: someecards | Sam Cookney

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