Think You're Having A Bad Day? Not Like These Folks

If you're feeling a little down today, you can take some comfort in knowing that there's always someone that's got it worse than you do.

These 15 real life stories shared by reddit users are the perfect examples of what really bad days look like. Some of them are funny, some of them are straight up horrifying, all of them remind us that we are luckier than we think we are.

So, take a deep breath and focus on the positive here. These things didn't happen to us or to you, and let's be grateful for it. 

1. Tattoo Nightmare

Fabulous Design

/u/Angelofkarma reports that her boyfriend took her to get a tattoo of his name on her. Then he dumped her and said the tattoo would be a good reminder of him.

2. Crushing Remark


Picture this. A guy stands in an elevator. A hot girl gets in the elevator talking on a phone. She says, "I have to go, there's a cute guy on this elevator." Then after closing the phone, she says, "Sorry for lying, I really wanted to get off the phone with her." 

It happened to /u/TuralSuck.

3. Beloved Son

Hope 1032

/u/happybirthday joined reddit to explain that it was his 18th birthday and his parents gave him a $5 iTunes gift certificate. The same certificate that came free with the iPhone they'd bought his sister for graduating school.

4. Love Lost

Thought Pursuits

One user heard hey boyfriend say to his friend. "Tonight's the night. I'm finally going to tell her I love her!"

She was so excited until his friend said, "Awesome! But what about Kayla?" That's because she was Kayla.


5. Adoptive Ouch

Aha Now

Then there's the painful tale of /u/dinosaurman who found out his older sister was actually his mother. Worse, he's always hated his sister.

6. Not A Big Thinker

Silverstar Industries

/u/thankskimi had a bad day when he got dumped by his girl for a guy who "could provide financially for the future." That guy runs a cellphone kiosk, /u/thankskimi is going to medical school.

7. The Cost Of Failure

The Surreal Poet

Spare a moment for /u/maxthndr who got fired by text message. He doesn't have a messaging plan. So he paid 25 cents to lose his job. 

8. Unleashing The Monster Within


Standing in as a TA for a history class, one reddit user saw a kid clutching a piece of paper. Assuming the worst, she grabbed his test paper and ripped it up, then she read the offending piece of paper: "I believe in you, Mom." Ouch.

9. Engagement Fail

Nadar Matrimony

An anonymous user shares the tale of the day her boyfriend took her to the jewelry store to pick a ring. When the salesman rang up the item, she looked to the boyfriend to pay and he said, "Well, don't look at me!"

10. Creepy And Nasty

Chimp Sanctuary NW

We're glad we don't work where /u/regular_boris works. "Today, I caught a co-worker licking the inside of a drinking cup I threw away. This has happened on multiple occasions."


11. The Ultimate Letdown

NBC News

/u/sad came home to find her home burgled. Everything was gone - the TV, the laptop, the camera, etc. all gone. So she went to the freezer for some ice cream to cheer her up. That had been stolen too.

12. Job Hunting Is No Joke

Allison J

It's hard to find a job in this market, but /u/KayIsKiwi99 might find it harder than most. They sent off 100 resumes in a month, none of them with any contact information on except for their name.

13. No Public Display Of Affection


The kiss camera? It's great when the other person wants to kiss, but as /u/cavgirl explains, it's heart-breaking when the camera focuses on you in the middle of the game and the guy you're with says, "not in this lifetime." Public humiliation to add to the rejection.

14. One Good Turn Does Not Deserve Another

Vancouver Sun

/u/meteorbabe0101 saw an old man fall over on a crosswalk. So she did what any good person would; she helped him up and then helped him across the road. While she did so, someone stole her bike.

15. Confession Fail


/u/gentileman explains that she texted her boyfriend to say, "I feel bad about cheating." He replied saying he'd been cheating on her and felt bad about it too. She'd meant that she felt bad about cheating on her math test. 

Well, we sure hope that your day will be better than these folks had. Count your blessings, it's never as bad as you might think it is. 

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