This 12-Year-Old Boy Wrote A Book About Understanding Women. His Advice Is Hilarious

Every year, the relationship/dating industry spends and earns millions and millions of dollars to try and help people understand the opposite sex better and find that special someone they’ve been waiting for. Suffice it to say that after countless millennia and billions (maybe trillions) of dollars spent throughout history trying to figure out the other sex, we haven’t really gotten any closer to cracking the code.

This 12-year-old boy, however... well, he’s gone and done it. As a woman, I can tell you, he clearly understands how life works.

Take a seat and make sure you’re ready for this wisdom.

This knowledge is basically priceless... ready for it?



Well, that certainly wasn’t quite what I expected, but I have to hand it to him: he seems to be on track. If it makes you feel any better, kid, we don’t always understand men either! 

Credit: EliteDaily 

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