This 12-Year-Old Says That She's Nervous, But As Soon As She Starts Singing? Wow...

Apr 11, 2016

Stage fright is something we've all experienced at some point in our lives. From school plays to important work presentations, there's no shortage of scenarios in life that make us nervous. You can rehearse in your bedroom a thousand times, but as soon as you set foot in front of a crowd, the words that used to come so naturally can't seem to find their way out of your mouth. Your hands shake, your voice cracks, and in those moments you'd rather be anywhere but there.

Some people, however, are able to conquer that fear and own the stage like they've lived there forever. This is what separates the truly great performers from people with talent. Anyone can sing a song in their bedroom, but it takes a rockstar to deliver that same stellar performance in front of a theater full of people. Beau Dermott may not be a rockstar yet, but, after a recent performance on Britain's Got Talent, she's well on her way.

This young girl is only 12 years old, but she has a voice that the audience, as well as the judges, found undeniably brilliant. Before her performance, Dermott said that she was feeling nervous, but you'd never guess that based on how calm and confident she is onstage. As if receiving a standing ovation wasn't reward enough, judge Amanda Holden decided to press her "Golden Buzzer," which gives Dermott a guaranteed spot in the semi-finals. Good luck, Beau - we hope you defy gravity all the way to the top!

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H/T: Britain's Got Talent

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