This 23-Year-Old Became A Father And Grandfather In One Week, But Not In The Way You're Probably Thinking

One of the things I really love about my job is that every so often, I'll see a video or article that truly blows me away. After seeing the best of what the internet has to offer on a daily basis (and then narrowing that down for your viewing pleasure), I've come to have some pretty high standards, so believe me when I tell you that this story totally threw me for a loop - in the best possible way!

Tommy Connolly was just a regular 23-year-old college student and athlete. He trains regularly to be a champion sprinter and enjoyed the usual collegiate lifestyle - studying hard, working part-time and hanging out with friends. That is, until the day that a single Facebook message changed his life forever and he became a father and a grandfather almost instantly. 

Meet Tommy Connolly, a 23-year-old college student and athlete. With very little notice, he became a father and - just seven days later - a grandfather.


It all began when he received a Facebook message from his 17-year-old cousin, Angela*. It had been a few years since they'd been in touch and in that time, she had struggled through her share of misfortunes. Angela had battled with addiction and a troubled home life, and after dropping out of school she was pregnant and homeless. Out of sheer desperation, she reached out to Tommy.

* For legal reasons, Angela's identity has been concealed.

For Tommy, the decision was instant: he picked her up and brought her home. To make sure that she could keep the baby and stay off the streets, he legally adopted her. A week later, as Tommy did homework in the hospital, she gave birth to his new "grandson."


These days, Tommy works full-time to support his new family, but he still goes to school. He's more than happy to help out and when asked of his cousin, he simply says "It's not her fault. She's just a little girl who needed help."

His act of kindness hasn't gone unnoticed. People around the globe have been touched by this thoughtful young man, and raised over $40,000 in just 18 days to help support him.

Tommy himself doesn't consider what he did to be a big deal. He knows he did a good thing but he feels a little guilty about all the attention and praise. He only hopes that his example will inspire people to help each other whenever possible. "If it's one or two years of my life I have to put on hold, to make sure two lives are going to be saved, it's nothing at all."

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