This 420-Square-Foot Apartment Is Actually 1000 Square-Feet ... Sort Of

Apr 3, 2016

We’ve featured Graham Hill and his LifeEdited apartment before, but this very special episode comes with a twist … Graham put his incredible “folding apartment” up for sale back in 2014. Did it sell? You bet it did! Not quite for his asking price but $790,000, for 420-square-feet of space, is nothing to sneeze at, either.

Graham is the founder of the popular sustainable living blog, Treehugger, and also the LifeEdited project, a blog/showcase for minimal living design. LifeEdited’s first project was dubbed LE1, and became Graham’s personal dwelling until he decided to sell it in favor of developing new projects. He’s given TED talks on his philosophies and has always put a distinctly urban spin on the tiny living movement.

Until now! Graham’s latest project is something he’s dubbed LE:M and it sounds like a doozy. He’s decided to see what he can accomplish in a spot where living minimally isn’t a necessity. To that end, he’s purchased some land in Maui and is building a new “compound” to explore a wide variety of progressive and sustainable design concepts. He’s only just announced so there’s no pictures to show, but we’re super excited to see where it leads! In the meantime, take a fresh look at LE1 in this home tour on CNN to help imagine what wild things LE:M will hold in store.

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H/T: CNNMoney

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