This 7-Year-Old Boy Wished To Die. The Reason Why Will Blow You Away.

When Chen Xiaotian was only 7-years-old, he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. As if that wasn’t enough, tragedy also struck his mother Zhou Lu who was told she had kidney disease. Both Chen and his mother had many struggles suddenly upon them, but Chen decided he needed to do something to stop the turmoil. He asked his mother to let him pass away in order for her own life to be saved with his kidney.

Just Months Before Zhou Lu Was Diagnosed With Kidney Disease, It Was Discovered That Her Son Chen Xiaotian Had A Terminal Brain Tumor.


Chen And His Mother Struggled With Their Conditions For Years, Until Chen Was Practically Paralyzed And Became Blind Due To His Brain Tumor.


Chen’s Doctors Knew He Wouldn’t Live Much Longer. They Also Knew His Mother Was In Need Of A Kidney And That Chen Would Be A Good Match. However, Zhou Refused Her Ailing Son’s Kidney.



Chen, Who Overheard His Mother’s Refusal, Begged His Mother To Accept His Kidney.


Chen Wanted To Save His Mother’s Life.


Finally, Zhou Agreed To Take Her Son’s Kidney. She Realized That Through This, A Piece Of Chen Would Live On.


Zhou Received Her Son’s Kidney, And On April 2nd, Chen Passed Away.



Before She Received Her Son’s Kidney, Doctors Didn’t Know If Zhou Would Ever Be Able To Live Her Life Normally.


Due To Her Son’s Selfless Act, Zhou Is Now Able To Live A Normal Life.


The doctors who removed Chen’s kidney had a moment of silence before the operation began. Each of them had tears in their eyes as they recognized this young boy’s heroic deed. Chen helped to save not only his mother’s life, but also the lives of two other people who received his organs.

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Credit: Daily Mail

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