This Abandoned Barge Has Been Floating Around For 30 Years. What It Used To Be Was A Huge Surprise

As a child, some of the best memories were going to McDonald's and ordering a Happy Meal. A meal and a toy? It was like Heaven. Even as grownups, we still get a little excited and nostalgic at the thought of wolfing down one of their juicy Big Macs. Is there anything better than going to McDonald's? There would be if that McDonald's was floating on the water. 

The McBarge actually existed, a long time ago.

Today, it sits idle on an inlet in Vancouver.

It's now been almost 30 years since it was open for business.

After serving the world at Expo ‘86, it's been shut down and anchored.


It looks old and empty now, but what an exciting, vibrant place this must have been.

The views must have been incredible, and what a striking design it had.

It's too bad that it was abandoned ...

It could have been the hot spot of the city.

At least some people got to enjoy it.


While we can only wonder ...

There is talk about resurrecting it at the center of an urban renewal effort.

Back in its heyday, it was quite a thing of beauty. How cool would it be to see it shine again?

Credit: She Budgets | Imgur

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