This Abandoned Mansion Used To Be A Prime Minister's Home. What's Inside Is Truly Fascinating.

Eventually forced into exile by an occupying army, Takieddin el-Solh is still held to be one of Lebanon's finest prime ministers. Intelligent and charismatic, he was a natural leader. Unfortunately, he was a natural leader in a time of civil war. When Syrian forces arrived on the scene, they “suggested” he step down and leave the country. He spent his remaining years in Paris, hopefully in as much comfort as the home he left behind.

The home itself is still present. In many ways, it is still beautiful. It’s an eerie beauty though, one which speaks to the history of the place.

With multiple factions and multiple nations vying for power in the country, it’s no wonder this beautiful mansion fell by the wayside.

It was once a fine home, with an architectural style taking cues from both local history and the European styles the French brought with them during Lebanon’s colonial days.

Located near a heavily bombarded area, the mansion was likely too dangerous to occupy during the struggles.


Much of the furniture and decor is still there, undergoing the same weathering as the exterior.

Documents and photographs that are still present stand as a time capsule for any who enter.

Hundreds of books still sit on their shelves.

Many cover subjects one would expect of a prime minister.


The details in many areas of the home are striking.

The kitchen is left exactly as it was.

A little worse for wear, unfortunately.

It’s hard to believe these scenes are only a few decades old.

Especially when you see some handmade pottery stashed, unusually, between floors.

Credit: Messy Nessy Chic | Craig Finlay

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