This Abandoned School Was Closed In 2012. Today, It's One Of The Most Beautiful Places I've Seen

In the southern France city of Marseille, between the prefecture and Cours Julien, a large school called Saint Thomas d'Aquin closed in 2012. With 48,000 square feet of vacant space, the building was still on France's list of historical monuments. The XVIII century building was begging to be repurposed. And that's where Alexandre Alessio came in.

Alessio became the artistic director at the Juxtapoz Association in charge of repurposing the former Saint Thomas d'Aquin school into Aux Tableaux, an interdisciplinary art exhibition space. The enormous building allows for 40 artists from all over the world to create site-specific works in 2,500 square foot showing spaces. The artist residencies are temporary and allows the space to stay fresh and ever-evolving.

Let’s take a look at the current Aux Tableaux artists in residence:

Jean Faucheur

Olivia De Bona

Mattia Lullini


Gilbert Petit

The Fatpoch

Remy Uno and Heng


Stephane Parain


Founder, Alexandre d'Alessio

Pedro Richardo

Olivia De Bona

Check out the Aux Tableaux in motion here:

Via: Aux Tableaux

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