This Adorable Lil Bulldog Has The Cutest Temper Tantrum After Human Puts Him In A Car Seat

When it comes to taking a ride, dogs cover the gamut of reactions. My neighbor's terrier, Bailey, absolutely loves car rides. He gets really excited whenever a car pulls up, and if you do take him for a spin, he'll sit calm as a cucumber in your lap, just taking in all the sights and sounds. On the other hand, I also knew another dog a few years ago who would get really nervous in a car and start throwing up all over the upholstery after just a few minutes.

Luckily, it seems that Bosley the French Bulldog doesn't mind car rides, though on this particular occasion it seems he'd rather be left alone. Maybe he wasn't feeling comfortable in his cute little car seat - it doesn't exactly look super comfy. Still, it'll keep him safe, so it's important.

Regardless of what it was that upset him, Bosley makes sure that everyone else knows just how he feels. He throws the most adorable temper tantrum, whining and protesting in a way all Frenchie owners will recognize. He even makes the saddest puppy face for the camera. Don't worry Bosley, it'll be ok!

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