This Animal Abuser Just Got Sentenced To 99 Years In Prison


There are few things worse than animal abuse but this man from Alex City, Alabama, managed to rack up quite a few crimes and now he's paying the price. Initially arrested for abusing and neglecting his grandparents' purebred Collies, Nick Patterson soon admitted to a litany of other crimes, like stealing his grandparents' credit card and racking up $15,000 in purchases.

In the end, the county charged him with "12 counts of aggravated animal cruelty, two counts of animal cruelty, seven counts of failure to burn or bury animal remains, and 54 counts of financial transaction card fraud,” according to the Alex City Outlook. In total, he was sentenced to a whopping 99 years in prison.

This is the face of an animal abuser:

But before you go patting the county on the back, you should know that these sentences are to be served concurrently. At the longest, Patterson will only serve three years in prison, and that's just because of the credit fruad charges. 

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H/T: HeroViral | Inquisitr

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