This Arid Desert Is Located In The Most Surprising Place

This might look like a forgotten ghost town somewhere in the Wild West, but believe it or not…

This desert exists in modern-day England. 

Callum Woodbridge

Yes, England has a desert, but if you are scratching your head, don’t feel alone – many born and raised in the country have no idea either. So, in the interest of learning something new, let’s wander the forgotten English desert, Dungeness. 

Slimmer Jimmer

Situated on the coast of Kent, Dungeness features a landscape that is remarkably dry and arid, despite being surrounded by the sea and several man-made lakes. 


As the sea continues to recede, the English desert grows, becoming a little larger each day. Numerous lighthouses have been re-built over the centuries to keep up with the changing shoreline. 

Alan Padley

Abandoned ships and sheds litter the desert, long forgotten by man. 

Paul Symes


Despite being a desert, the area is home to over 600 types of plants – a third of all those found in Britain. 

Gillie Savage

It is also teeming with birdlife, but that didn’t stop the construction of a now-abandoned nuclear power station in Dungeness. 

Manuela Boeckle

The barren landscape and abandoned structures are more than a little spooky. 

Richard Watkins

And so is the vacant village. 


There was once a small community here, built by fisherman and people who wanted to escape English society. They built a power station, lighthouse, railway, and dwellings, all of which was abandoned decades ago. 

Messy Nessy Chic

The residents were known as an eclectic bunch of bohemians, filmmakers, writers, and poets. As a result, a photograph of Dungeness once appeared on the Pink Floyd album cover “A Collection of Great Dance Songs”. 



So, if you are ever in England and looking for something unusual to do…


Don’t forget about the abandoned desert of Dungeness, located just 2.5 hours outside London. 

Richard Gough

A touch of the Wild West meets the Salton Sea, no doubt an adventure you will never forget. 


If you are interested in visiting Dungeness, check out these directions. And don’t forget to share these other-worldly photos with friends and family who love to travel. 

Credit: Messy Nessy Chic

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