This Artist Collects Scraps Of Wood To Make These Unique Sculptures. The Result Is Unreal

You know when you're trying to build that Ikea BORGSJÖ corner desk for the eighth time and you just say "FORGËT THIS" and let the pieces of plywood stack up in the corner like a monster sprung forth from your own Scandinavian furniture building inadequacies? If you're Danish artist and designer Thomas Danbo, you take that junk wood and create huge junk wood beasts cool enough to stop traffic.

Danbo scours his hometown of Copenhagen for scraps of wood, metal, and recycled materials at local dumps. Armed with stacks of trash, he constructs creatures that bring delight to children of all ages.

During the day, Danbo creates furniture and interior design projects with a strong sense of fantastical whimsy, but it's his larger-than-life sculptures that bring his art into the public cityscape.

“I truly love working with scrap wood," he says, "There’s so much of it everywhere so I can pretty much build what ever I can imagine. I hope my sculptures will inspire others to recycle.”

His sculptures, like this friendly troll who doesn't mind being used for a swing, breathe life and excitement into public spaces.

Danbo's intent is to make his viewers consider the materials they throw away and whether or not they can be recycled or re-purposed.

The multi-colored wood planks give this enormous sculpture man a modern, abstract pattern. You can get a sense of his size from the adults sitting on his legs.

Some of Danbo's work is less playful and has a more somber message to it, like this woman breaking a weapon in half.

Danbo keeps an ongoing record of his scrap wood sculptures and other work on his artist site and on Facebook. Check him out to see more of this amazing works.

Via: Thomas Danbo 

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