This Artist Creates Beautiful Paintings With Something That Most Of Us Drink Every Day

Mar 21, 2015

Maria A. Aristidou is a creative designer from Cyprus and the United Kingdom who specializes in commercial art, illustrations and cake design. Although she discovered her current medium by accident, she puts her love of all things art (specifically commercial art and coffee) into her designs.

Aristidou was working one day and accidentally spilled a cup of coffee. Realizing that the spill resembled an illustration, she took on the new medium with zest. With watercolor painting paper, she uses several brands of coffee (brewed various ways and at different strengths) to create many different hues for her to choose from and apply. Her favorite thing to do is paint subjects that she personally loves, but it does pose a challenge because she knows she will not accept the final product unless it is done "just right."

1. African Elephant

2. Mother of Dragons

3. Davy Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean

4. R2D2, Star Wars

5. Yoda, Star Wars

6. Super Mario


7. Elsa 

8. Bob Marley

9. Ariel 

10. Hugh Laurie, House MD

11. Juan de Arellano’s no. 349

12. Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit

13. Afghan Girl

14. King Arthur's Carousel


15. Walt Disney and Mickey

16. Wall-E and Eve

17. Young Charlie Chaplin

18. Bob Marley

19. Stephen Fry

20. Walt Disney and Friends

21. Christopher Robin and Pooh

22. Girl with Pearl Earring

Credit: Bored Panda | Instagram

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