This Artist Crochets Larger-Than-Life Animals Entirely By Hand

Shauna Richardson is an artist who has created a pretty unique niche for herself - "crochetdermy." She creates large-scale sculptures of wild animals entirely by hand. Her biggest project to date was The Lionheart Project, commissioned for the 2012 London Olympic Games. She created three 25-foot crochet lions, which took her two years to make, and were toured across the U.K. in a glass trailer. 

Her sculptures aren't static, rather, they often feature lifelike poses and expressions.

One of her more unique commissions was a baboon version of Prince Harry.

She makes a lot of mounted animal heads.


Now there's a hunting trophy I'd actually find cool.

Check out this brown bear.

While she usually focuses on larger animals, she also does smaller critters on occasion.


She has also done domestic animals, like this snowy-white bulldog.

And here's Shauna herself next to one of the massive lions she created for The Lionheart Project.

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H/T: Diply

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