This Artist Draws Huge Murals In Snow With Just His Feet

Feb 25, 2016

With March just around the corner, winter is slowly drawing to an end. While most of us are probably glad to see an end to the cold and the snow, one man who probably wants the snow to stick around is British artist Simon Beck. He's created a brand new style of art by creating giant, stunningly gorgeous geometric designs in the snow using nothing but his feet.

Beck graduated from the prestigious Oxford University, but left his office job in order to become a cartographer. He's also an avid outdoorsman and an expert at orienteering, a sport which involves using a map and compass to quickly navigate point-to-point in unfamiliar terrain. He got the idea of drawing a design in the snow after a day of skiing in 2004. He's had a fascination with geometric designs since childhood, and the hobby became a way for him to indulge that interest while also getting plenty of exercise - all that walking in circles totals up to nearly 20-25 miles per drawing! 

Since the first one in 2004, he makes around 30 of these gorgeous designs every winter, usually somewhere in the Alps. He says that the challenge comes from having to start. Although his method technically only requires a compass and some step counting (and some snow shoes), his skills as a former mapmaker and orienteer definitely help. His works are truly stunning endeavors, from both an artistic and an athletic standpoint. 

H/T: Great Big Story

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