This Artist Freezes Moments Of Time In A Surprising Medium. The Results Are Unreal

We mostly take ceramics for granted. When you can buy a six-person place setting at your local Ikea for $20, you don't think much about what went into crafting your dishes. Sometimes it's difficult to relate the dinner plates in your house with the fine art sculptures you'd find in a museum or gallery. The materials are the same though, and many dishware designers through the years have been recognized as artists in their own right.

Ceramicist Johnson Tsang's recently exhibited works attempt to bridge the gap between the museum and the dinner table, with truly decorative pieces that clearly reference the practical side of clay.

Even more impressive, is how alive everything still seems.


His eyecatching specialty is these frozen-in-time "liquid" pieces. What would have been ordinary bowls are caught in a flash of action.

Most pieces are playful, but also sometimes mildly disconcerting.

Some are downright beautiful.


A spill, stopped in time, is transformed into passionate kiss.

High gloss finishes emphasize the still-wet appearance of these fantastic designs, creating work that never seems ready to stay still.

Source: Dose | Photography: Johnson Tsang

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