This Artist Is So Incredibly Talented, His Work Will Make You Do A Double Take

Italian painter Marco Grassi creates some of the most incredible photorealistic art I've ever seen. He especially likes to paint the human form and the inner beauty which shines through his subjects. The detail that he incorporates into his paintings could make even a seasoned photographer jealous. 

1. Grassi Captures Reality In A Hauntingly Beautiful Way

His painting style allows him to project his artistic vision into his subjects in ways that photographers can only dream of.

2. Her Inner Beauty Shines Through

Wouldn't it be amazing if we could actually see her organs underneath like an artistic X-ray?

3. "Focal Point."

Her eyes are absolutely captivating, aren't they?

4. The Process Behind "Focal Point."

Seeing the step-by-step process is absolutely incredible.


5. Grassi's Art Reflects Life, Reflecting Art

It looks like he's slowly turning to stone.

6. Beauty Cascades Over Her

It's as if the blue is some form of energy emanating from her voice.

7. Time Flies

You can't help but wonder what this woman's story is.

8. "Watch Me Grow"

I imagine this is what Mother Nature looks like.

9. "Virtual Reality"

It looks like she's in some kind of futuristic armor.


10. "You Can Look Right Through Me"

Her eyes are as magnetic as the smile on the Mona Lisa.

11. The Artist Himself

Grassi says, "I love to explore the relationship between inner and outer, the latter represented in my paintings through sterile, inanimate elements."

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H/T: Diply | Marco Grassi

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