This Artist Makes Incredible Animal Sculptures From An Unexpected Medium

Ever find a piece of driftwood at the beach and think to yourself, "that looks exactly like an animal...." The movement of water creates sinewy lines in wood that mimic natural musculature and suggest movement. Artist James Doran-Webb has been creating animal sculptures out of driftwood and exhibiting them internationally for years. Although he's followed his theme of animal sculpture for the last quarter of a century, the response to Doran-Webb's driftwood sculptures has been so positive that it's been the bulk of his work for years now.

Like this hardened gargoyle atop a dome.

Wooden horses couldn't drag themselves from the seashore.

It's the running of the wooden bull.


Two goats roam on wood.

Great wood shark.

These driftwood birds of prey mid-flight.

Locking driftwood antlers.


This horse and her sapling foal.

This horse doing her sun salutations.

The artist and his protective gargoyle.

Via: James Doran-Webb

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