This Artist Turns Old Hubcaps Into Breathtaking Sculptures

When you see hubcaps by the side of the road, you probably just think they're junk. An artist who goes by the moniker Hubcap Creatures on Deviant Art has been collecting spare hubcaps for years. He transforms these pieces of discarded scrap metal and breathes life into them, letting them re-emerge as whimsical hubcap creatures.

He has been making sculptures professionally since 2001.

He's been collecting hubcaps since 1997 and, intrigued by their endless possibilities, began sculpting with them.

He taught himself how to use a mig welder to work with the material.


Look how much life is in this warthog sculpture.

His creations range from adorable to elegant.

As he developed his style, his creations became smoother and less cutesy.

This looks like it's straight out of a sci-fi movie.


Robot from the deep.

Creatures that are often soft and smooth create an interesting dynamic in these metalworks.

Like this shark, swimming through corrugated metal.

Credit: Hubcap Creatures

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