This Artist's Incredible Sand Sculptures Spread Important Messages

Have you ever taken a stroll along a beach and noticed some really awesome sandcastles? Sure, there are the sweet, small ones that children build during a family beach day, but there are also the big ones, ones that groups of friends decided to make together. We tend to think of building sandcastles as a childish activity but, when done with care and some serious artistic ability, they can be some of the most amazing works of art, especially when you consider the fact that they are not meant to be permanent. 

Carl Jara makes this kind of artwork. A Cleveland-based sculptor and woodworker, Jara makes surreal sculptures in the sand, often communicating some sort of message through his art. The beauty of his work alone, as you'll see below, makes it clear that he's making a statement. 

Jara's work is often abstract, giving a very museum-quality feel to something as simple as a day at the beach.

His sculptures, which he enters into competitions, have won him nine World Championship medals.

It's pretty easy to see why.


 Just look at the detail.

His work is a little more serious than what you would normally see during a day at the beach.

It almost looks like it's made of marble, doesn't it?

The message he's sending is pretty clear in this piece.

He's tackling the problems of the world with beautiful art.

It’s just so smooth and well crafted.


After studying fine art in college, Jara realized that design might not be the best path for him.

Instead, he found his perfect medium: sand.

It allowed him to work with his hands.

He has received a great deal of attention and praise for his work, and he shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

So, what do these beautiful creations mean to you? That's the beauty of art: anyone can see something different. 

Via: Carl Jara

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