This Artist's Tattoos Look Like Watercolor Paintings

Feb 23, 2016

To this day, tattoos are still one of the most scandalous forms of art. Other than maybe graffiti, nothing divides people quite like tattoos. Some parents forbid their children from getting them. Employers can refuse to hire you if you have one. A husband or wife might discover that their spouse has the name of a long-gone lover permanently written on their body. Not to mention the endless potential for regret. Word of warning: everything you think is cool when you're 18 won't always be cool. Choose your tattoos wisely.

But let's not gloss over all the good that can come from tattoos. Take, for instance, this tattoo that is literally saving lives with its hidden message. Then there are these sister tattoos that help illustrate that extra-special bond only siblings share. They're a beautiful art form that transforms our bodies into canvases and allows us to express ourselves in exciting ways. There's no limit (other than the size of your body) to what tattoos you can get. It can be something as meaningful as your favorite quote, or something as silly as Spiderman riding a giant spider. (Which, by the way, if someone doesn't already have that tattoo, let's change that.)

Just like every other medium, the world of tattoos is filled with artists who have their own unique styles. If you're looking for a studio whose style is seriously one-of-a-kind, look no further than Aro Tattoo in Korea. Here, an artist named Silo inks tattoos that resemble watercolor paintings. Typically, tattoo artists use a lot of heavy black lines to clearly define their shapes, but Silo does away with that and allows her work to flow together and blend with her client's skin. Below, you'll find examples of Silo's work as well as more information about how she does what she does. I wasn't planning on getting a tattoo anytime soon, but after seeing her work, I might just have to reconsider.

Silo's work is inspired by nature and animals. These flowers look like they're straight out of a fairytale book.

Instead of giving her tattoos a clear and definite end, Silo lets the ink fade away.


When she does use lines, they’re purposeful, like this upside down triangle. It feels as though the flower is bursting out of the triangle's harsh lines and angles.

If you want something a little more subtle, Silo can ink the smallest, most detailed lavender you've ever seen.

This tiny flower might not be the most noticeable tattoo, but the beauty of nature will always be with you wherever you go.

She's also great with animals. Here, she added a snowflake pattern to two whales that gives them an extra wow factor.

Want a portrait of your favorite furry friend? Silo's got you covered. If this one looks darker than the other work you've seen, that's because it was used to cover up a different tattoo. We may never know what regretful ink is hidden under that cat...


There might be five times the cats in this tattoo, but thankfully it doesn't cost five times as much.

This client's nail polish perfectly matches her tattoo.

Both men and women love Silo's work. This couple got matching tattoos, one in color and the other in black.

Silo's tattoos are bursting with life. We've never seen anything quite like them before, and we hope to see more of them around in the future. Head on over to her Instagram for more examples of these lovely tattoos.

H/T: LittleThings | Instagram

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