This Baby Emu Throws A Hilarious Fit When A Dog Walks Into The Room

We've seen quite a few pairs of unlikely animal BFFs here at Wimp, from dogs and elephants to chimps and tigers, so we know for a fact that animals of different species can get along quite well. In the wild, these types of pairings occur due to circumstance, but more often than not these types of friendships are forged as a result of people bringing them together.

That's what we see in the video below, when Sue Holmes introduces Emee the baby emu to her new dog friend. The video starts with the baby bird relaxing next to Sue on the carpet, but as soon as the dog walks in? Emee can't contain her excitement, and she does a 360 bird roll and hops back on her feet before starting to do her own little "happy" dance!

It takes the dog a little bit to get used to Emee's enthusiasm, but rest assured, the two are best friends. Emee loves to imitate everything her furry friend does, and she even rolls over just like a dog. This is just so cute - it definitely brought a smile to my day, and hopefully to yours too!

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H/T: Storyful

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