This Baby Has Been Best Friends With A Sloth Since She Was Born, And It's The Cutest Thing Ever.

So you think there's nothing cuter than a baby sloth, do you? Their little grins, their itty bitty claws, their adorable blinking eyes... 

But Jason and Julia Heckathorn, proud humans of 13-month-old sloth Daisy, managed to make their household even cuter when they welcomed their baby girl, Alia, into their family. Daisy and Alia became fast friends.

Now, after five months together, Julia says of the pair: "The sloth and baby have been growing up together, taking walks together, and working alongside mommy as I write my books and travel to schools… When Alia and Daisy sit next to each other, Daisy sniffs Alia while Alia nuzzles into Daisy’s soft fur. They are so sweet together."

The family also includes a kangaroo named Boomeroo, an anteater named Moche, a cat named Larry and several sugar gliders.


This is the too-cute Heckathorn family.

Jason and his two baby girls.

Daisy gives Julia a hug while Alia and Boomeroo look on.

Here they are, competing for snuggles.


Of course, Julia's books are all about animals.

Alia and Daisy share a bed for naptime.

They are truly inseparable.

Although they each have their private cribs as well.

Credit: Hidden Clover l Elite Daily

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