This Beautiful Cabin Is Only 400-Square-Feet, But The Most Amazing Part Is How It Looks Inside

It's been a while now since the first boom of tiny homes started to appear everywhere. We've seen everything from transformed interiors to vintage, antique designs. As great as they were, none of them were quite as luxurious as the one we're about to show you today.

At only 400 square feet, you would expect a cramped interior with smaller-than-normal furniture. But, step inside, and it's nothing like you would expect.

Tiny house? You wouldn't be able to tell by looking at the large fireplace and the tall entryway.


The master bedroom. Do tiny homes usually have giant queen-sized beds?

There's even an extra loft bedroom with an equally large bed. How does everything fit in here?

As if that wasn't enough, there's another bed located in the loft, in case even more people are on board.


The not-so-tiny kitchen looks amazing with the wood ceiling.

The best part? It's mobile. That's right. It has wheels and you can take it anywhere you like.

Via: FYI via Facebook

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