This Big Horse Has The Sweetest "Conversation" With His Owner's Dog

Horses are herd animals. They love interacting with each other and can easily get lonely when there aren't any other horses to play around. So, for families who only own one horse, it's important to have another animal around for them to socialize with. Even though they love hanging out with their own species, horses aren't very picky when it comes to making friends. Just look at this friendly horse giving a massage to a barn cat.

We often hear stories about dogs becoming friends with other species of animals, from colorful birds to powerful elephants, so it's no surprise that a horse and a dog would become fast friends. This video, captured six years ago, is a truly touching display of animal friendship. The horse featured here is a four-year-old stallion named Whiskey Brown, who lives alone without any other horses. This would be very difficult if he didn't have his best friend, Lucy, to keep him company. Lucy is a two-year-old mixed Portuguese Water Dog who's bursting with energy. When these two interact, they look more like a brother and sister who were separated at birth than two completely different species.

Since it was uploaded to YouTube six years ago, the video has gotten nearly four million views! In response to the huge amount of attention Lucy and Whiskey Brown received, their owner said that, "This is what happens when two animals are raised together with unconditional love and kindness." And trust me, after watching the way these two treat each other, there's no arguing with that!

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H/T: countrynow1

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