This Big, Silver Box Might Look Like Modern Art, But Its Real Purpose Is So Much More Useful

Anyone who's ever had to move will recognize that moment when you throw your hands up in the air and just want to walk away from all your stuff. You start thinking about just abandoning everything and going full-on ascetic with a cot in the corner and nothing else.

The designers at Juust must have been familiar with this moving anguish when they designed their newest product, The Travelbox.

In case you ever need to hurry up and move out of your modernist home in the middle of a field, Travelbox has got you covered. Everything folds up into the box.

And the box becomes a conversation monolith.


The whole box weighs in at just 132 pounds, making it a lightweight and easy to ship alternative. Can you imagine how perfect this would be for vacation homes and college students?

Juust recommends using the box itself for a makeshift wardrobe, entertainment center or room divider.

Interested in packing it all in and performing the ultimate de-clutter? Head over to Juust's page.

Credit: ViralNovaStefan Juust via Facebook

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