This Block Of Wood Doesn't Look Great At First, But After A Few Turns On The Lathe, It's Stunning.

When Grady Hillhouse finished a video called "Segmented Bowl Factory," in which he built a machine to make bowls out of oak and SpectraPly, he had several pieces of wood left over. He decided to try his lathe skills and make his own mortar and pestle from the spare parts.

Here is the final product of the mortar and pestle. "Given another shot, I would have changed the shape of the business end of the pestle," he admits, "I think it came out a bit small." 

The first step is milling down some cherry wood.

And gluing the top part of the mortar. The color laminate wood is called SpectraPly and it’s the process of laminating yellow birch veneer onto colored wood for building.

Gluing up the blanks for the pestle together. 

The top part of the bowl on the lathe truing up.


Glue holds the bottom part of the bowl together.

Finally bonded, the pestle blank is ready for a rough cut.

Turning and sanding the pestle.

The outside of the mortar gets the final touches on its shape.

And now for the interior of the mortar bowl.

Sanding the inside with a drill attachment.


Tried-and-true, Danish Oil gives the bowl its rich finish.

And the final product:

He made a video of the entire process.

Credit: Imgur

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